Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

• Artificial Immune Systems, Ant Colonies, and Swarm Intelligence
• Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
• Bayesian Networks and Probabilistic Reasoning
• Biologically Inspired Intelligence
• Brain-Computer Interfacing
• Business Intelligence
• Chaos theory and intelligent control systems
• Clustering and Data Analysis
• Complex Systems and Applications
• Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing
• Cognitive systems
• Distributed Intelligent Systems
• Database Management and Information Retrieval
• Evolutionary computation and DNA/cellular/molecular computing
• Expert Systems
• Fault detection, fault analysis and diagnostics
• Fusion of Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems
• Green and Renewable Energy Systems
• Human Interface, Human-Computer Interaction, Human Information Processing
• Hybrid and Distributed Algorithms
• High Performance Computing
• Information storage, security, integrity, privacy and trust
• Image and Speech Signal Processing
• Knowledge Based Systems, Knowledge Networks
• Knowledge discovery and ontology engineering
• Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning
• Memetic Computing
• Multimedia and Applications
• Networked Control Systems
• Neural Networks and Applications
• Natural Language Processing
• Optimization and Decision Making
• Pattern Classification, Recognition, speech recognition and synthesis
• Robotic Intelligence
• Rough sets and granular computing
• Robustness Analysis
• Self-Organizing Systems
• Social Intelligence
• Soft computing in P2P, Grid, Cloud and Internet Computing Technologies
• Stochastic systems
• Support Vector Machines
• Ubiquitous, grid and high performance computing
• Virtual Reality in Engineering Applications
• Web and mobile Intelligence, and Big Data


Section Policies


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

Articles published on IJISTECH have been reviewed by at least 1 reviewer using double-blind method. Pre-review articles will be conducted to check the articles’ page, pictures, table, citation, and reference list format along with articles’ chaptering systems. Plagiarism checking is also conducted through Google Scholar and Turnitin.

The review period is 4-8 weeks. If necessary, reviewers may ask another review after the authors revise the articles. The decisions belong to Editor-In-Chief based on the reviewers’ recommendation.


Publication Frequency

IJISTECH is published 2 (two) times a year, in May and November.


Open Access Policy

IIJISTECH is one of the community partners for research. We are committed to promoting Publication Ethics at IIJISTECH. Publishing scientific information depends heavily on trust. The editor believes that peer reviewers can maintain confidentiality and effective judgement, the author trusts the editor to choose colleagues, and readers trust the peer-review process. Appropriate decisions and strong editorial processes will encourage efficient publishing systems. this will benefit the scientific community, editors, writers, research scientists, research sponsors, readers, and publishers.